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    SGVision s.r.o. is a drone operator specialized in aerial videos and photography.Company is approved by Civilian Aviation Authority of Czech Republic to do Aerial Work This means Professional service, professional pilot, insured drone.All our products are done Full HD to provide the clarity and fluidity at the top.

    Bellow you can see some application of our product.

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Professional Equipment


Our ServicesProfessional service, professional pilot, insured dron

All our products are done Full HD to provide the clarity and fluidity at the top. 

Bellow you can find application of our product.



Do you have some video but not experience with video editing?

We can do it for you.



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  • Aerial tour for Real-estate

    Give a boost to the advertised property with an awesome aerial tour.
    Property can be shown from different prospective in all its beauty and buyer can comfortably checks the property and the surround just looking from the videos and photos.
    Read More
  • Construction, Surveying, monitoring job sites and aerial inspection

    Drones can quickly survey your job site, build maps, monitor the progress of the work. Instead of using human resources, heavy machinery & expensive surveying tools, that produce complex data, you can get the job done in half the time & money, with greater accuracy. Read More
  • Television productions and commercials

    Camera drones have changed the way in which film and TV production companies can now perform aerial cinematography. Besides being more affordable than hiring specialist filming equipment, drones also allow open up new possibilities for unusual, original, and groundbreaking aerial film-making. Read More
  • Environmental survey

    Drones, have made environmental survey affordable and easily accessible. By attaching different sensors, it is possible to gather a wide range of environmental data – air pollution, land cover surveying, wildlife recording, heat mapping, etc. Read More
  • Aerial photography for special events

    Camera drones can be used to record your special events. For example it can be used to record your wedding party. Read More
  • Sporting events

    Have a bird view of the event, do not let anything to run away from your side of view.
  • Pipeline and electrical line inspection

    With the drone you can do pipeline and electrical line inspection. Instead to use helicopter or airplanes, you can reduce the cost using our service.
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